1/2 Inch Motor with Delay Element
March 13, 2002
This is a further development of my "Drill Press Special" reusable aluminum motor (Click here to see it)   For this project, I made a better aluminum nozzle and a delay chamber
Project Goal:
Create a more advanced motor for actual flight tests in the local park
Project Parameters:

Construction Results:

New lightweight nozzle with longer divergent cone. All aluminum construction as 50+ tests of previous aluminum nozzle show no wear with bates grain. The forward closure seen above is a separate delay chamber which eliminates the need for o-rings and washers.


This is what it looks like before assembly. In order from left to right: 


Closeup of the nozzle, OK I am pretty proud of this particular piece!

Of course, now I have an even better one found here!


I ended up with a lightweight motor that has a consistent delay element. Delay time will be modified as necessary by drilling a hole into it to the required depth. Now that the delay element is working consistently, it is time to put it in a rocket! I will post the results here later.


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