Stuart's Rocket Motor Development Pages

Just a few pages here to show some of my motor development projects. Everything I do is based on Sugar Propellants but most also will work for any other type of propellant. The work to date falls into the following categories:

Little Stuff: 1/2 inch reusable aluminum motors made on a drill press

Bigger Stuff:
38mm motors using Aerotech hardware and custom hardware

Biggest Stuff:
76mm sugar motors with custom hardware

TRA Stuff:
Full Proposal to TRA BOD to include Sugar Propellants in the EX program

Interesting Stuff:
Places on the web that I have found helpful!

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Little Stuff

1/2 Inch Aluminum Motors
Original design of the 1/2 inch reusable aluminum motor. All of the parts are "turned" on my drill press.
Rolling Your Own
Technique for making fuel grains by rolling them out and cutting to length. These then work in the above motor
Motor with Delay and Charge
My latest motor using the above techniques. Separate chamber for delay element and charge.
Nozzle With Graphite Insert
Latest nozzle design for "bigger" motors (B-E) with a graphite insert.
Making Em
Step by step directions to make them for yourself


Bigger Stuff

Melt/Cast Grain Process
Making sugar propellant grains for 38mm Aerotech hardware
Assembling Motors
Assembling the motors in 38mm Aerotech hardware and static test results
Graphite Nozzles
Graphite Nozzles for 38mm Aerotech motors can be turned with a drill press!
Flight Testing
Flight test images/video and accelerometer/altimeter data
38mm Custom Hardware
Hurray! I got a lathe! So I made a motor with a stainless steel nozzle insert.


Biggest Stuff

76mm Custom Hardware
Scaling things up a bit...


TRA Stuff

Download a PDF of the proposal approved by TRA for Sugar Propellants
Download the Flight Report from the demonstration launch
View the video of 1/4 Patriot Demonstration Flight


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