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Reinvented Stick Gum


Wrigley Slim Pack

Wrigley’s stick gum was declining in volume and share as consumers were gravitating towards alternative gum formats. To help reverse these trends, a new innovative package format was required to make stick gum more relevant to today’s consumers.


  • Enhance consumer experience while maintaining cost-of-goods comparable to the extremely cost efficient “plen-t-pak”.
  • A global manufacturing infrastructure of stick-wrapping machinery needed to be maintained.
  • Optimize retail presence in both aisle and at register displays.


Wrigley Slim Pack

Our approach entailed comprehensive immersions to guide strategic recommendations.

  • N-Gage ideation sessions with consumers ranging from 15 to 35 years old, coupled with in-context store intercepts.
  • Manufacturing E-Merge to familiarize with the existing gum packaging machinery and identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Cross channel retail exploration to evaluate landscape at register and in-aisle to identify potential whitespace.

Key Learning

  • Consumers desired packaging that enhanced their image socially.
  • A “pristine presentation” of the product throughout its lifecycle is key to providing confidence and pride when sharing with others.
  • The package should look and function like a well-designed product

                  - Comfortably fit in their pocket- not bulky/awkward

                  - Secure containment for increased freshness and protection

                  - One-handed access for swift dispense

  • Provides a “coolness” factor and a premium feel - promoting positive intrigue from others.

Before & After

A sleek package which consumers are proud to present in social settings, increasing brand visibility. A significant value-add in user experience which justifies a retail price increase AND resulted in growth in sales. All while utilizing existing primary foil wrap and machinery with minimal capital expense.


Previous Packaging

  • Unkempt presentation
  • Brick shape not pocket-friendly
  • Collapses during use causing spillage
  • Noisy – attracts unwanted attention
  • Foil unravels compromising freshness


New Packaging

  • Sleek, orderly presentation
  • Slim and compact for transport
  • Convenient, “cool” one-handed operation
  • Re-closable and secure - maintaining freshness

Final Verdict

Wrigley Slim Pack
  • $500 million in sales for “5”, five years after launch.
  • “5” packaging redefined the stick gum category.
  • Brand equity was provided  through structural innovation- the Wrigley brand is now unique and ownable.
  • Wrigley can, and does, charge a significant premium ($1.30-$2.00 vs. 99¢ previously).
  • All major Wrigley brands have adopted the new structure.