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Develop a cohesive line of cup products that helps elevate the Playtex brand, making it more premium. Create a consistent brand look across the entire line, while highlighting unique features to differentiate for selection.


  • Create unique competitive advantage in a category which is over-saturated.
  • Identify a consumer relevant method of differentiation within a line of products to provide added guidance.
  • Deliver a premium perception for consumers within the limitations of manufacturing focused on standardization and streamlining.


Our approach entailed comprehensive immersions to guide strategic recommendations.

  • Designer led ethno-ideation sessions to uncover the realities of sippy cup usage and occasions. Identifying opportunities for functional improvement.
  • N-Gage ideation sessions to uncover emotional landscape surrounding sippy cup usage and create associated form language unique to occasions.
  • Retail exploration to immerse designers in sippy cup in-store display and categorization and identify potential white space.

Key Learning

  • To assist in navigation, cups need to communicate unique purpose on-shelf.
  • Both emotional and functional desires are unique to usage occasions. An opportunity to differentiate within the line.
  • Identified functional areas for improvement: visual and audible confirmation at closure & valve refinements.
  • Opportunity space in a cup children can use to bridge the gap during pre-school years.

Before & After

  • Significant cost savings resulting from manufacturing process changes- cups utilize injection molding instead of blow molding, material reduction and light weighting,  and optimized components and commonality of parts.
  • Major accounts - Target and Walmart, have embraced the new product line. Given the obvious consumer benefits, Target reset their entire planogram to accommodate the new consumer-friendly line up.
  • New accounts have taken on the cups given excitement around the strategic approach.


"The product and retail strategy created provides functional benefits and design solutions for every usage occasion" 
-Nick Senter, Global Marketing


  • Age was the only indication to consumers of which sippy cup to select. Category required additional directives to assist parents in selecting an appropriate cup.

  • Training Time (4 months +) helps begin infant’s independence. Contoured cup and customizable handle variations aid in training infants to grasp their sippy cup.
  • Anytime  (9 months +)  is the next step to continue development in child’s independence. A range of drinking options is offered to match the child’s development level.
  • Playtime  (12 months +) promotes fun and convenience. The longer, larger, insulated cup offers a range of graphics to assist in avoiding accidental sharing.
  • Travel Time (24 months +) incorporates aspirational form language: cool and grown up. Bridging the transition to later toddler years.