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Re-Invented Ketchup Packet

Delight Consumers

  • Helped create revolutionary ketchup packet makeover for foodservice industry…finally after 42 years of futility. 
  • Dip & Squeeze offers new consumer preferred dual functionality/dispensing. Preferred by (9 out of 10 consumers).
  • “Dip & Squeeze is our latest package innovation milestone and biggest innovation in the past 50 years.”- Bill Johnson, CEO
  • Encourages more fry inclusion orders for Heinz customers, where these were declining before, in large part due to messiness.
  • McDonald’s testing out new package. Potential to open door for McDonald’s to become Heinz’ biggest customer after Heinz was shut out from 95% of all McDonald’s in the US since 1973 tomato shortage issues severed their relationship.
  • Shape tied back to ICON bottle helps build brand equity and creates Halo effect around the brand.
  • New Channels: Heinz was able to offer single-serve packets in 10 packs at retail for first time in their history due to new “convenient value-added package”. Now at Target, Walmart etc.