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Re-invented Sugar Packaging


Domino Sugar Flip-Top

Help Domino de-commoditize sugar through creation of innovative packaging which addresses consumer pain points, elevates Domino’s image and offers improved convenience.


Domino Sugar Flip-Top
  • Consumers view sugar as a commodity and are accustomed to purchasing most pounds for the dollar.   
  • Few advances to improve consumer experience but instead a focus on streamlining for cost efficiencies.
  • Deliver a value-add sugar experience at an acceptable price point given current price expectations.


Our approach entailed comprehensive immersions to guide strategic recommendations.

  • Extensive review of prior consumer insights supplied by Domino.
  • Designer led N-Gage ideation sessions to uncover emotional landscape, create associated form language and identify unmet functional needs.
  • Manufacturing E-Merge to familiarize with infrastructure and identify opportunities for innovation.
  • National retail exploration to evaluate landscape and potential whitespace.


Key Learning

  • Sugar consumption is highly emotional- triggering joy, comfort and a sense of indulgence.
  • The experience is currently inhibited by the mess and hassle involved with dispensing sugar.
  • Due to clumping and possible infestation sugar is often immediately transferred to an alternative vessel and the packaging wastefully discarded.
  • A table-worthy structure enables Domino brand to live in a prominent location versus hidden in the cupboard.

Before & After

The innovative structure solves for consumers unmet needs and through form communicates the sweet sensation of sugar. It elevates Domino’s premium image at retail and increases visibility both in home and on-shelf.

“As we continue to focus on the needs of our consumers, we are certain that these well-designed bottles are a convenient and attractive sweetener solution.”
-Brian O’Malley, CEO


  • Conveys commodity
  • Does not reclose and troublesome to access
  • No moisture protection
  • Allows infestation
  • May require repackaging by consumer


  • Table-worthy aesthetic – brand on display!
  • Form communicates joy, comfort and indulgence on-shelf
  • Spoon elimination. Pour directly from package
  • One-handed dispense for all ages.
  • Rigid structure reduces moisture contamination