Innovation Process

  • Consumer, retail and manufacturing integrated approach from beginning to end
  • Team approach - real time collaboration with manufacturing, R&D, sales & marketing
  • Proprietary tools to ensure success


Innovation often requires stepping out of your manufacturing expertise:

  • We work with existing vendors to facilitate programs using new executions.
  • We identify capable vendors of new or emerging technologies.
Consumer Ethno-Ideation

Consumer Ethno-Ideation

Ethnographies with on-site ideation result in “instant” contextual solutions:

  • Consumer-Contextual Observation
  • Real-Time Solution Building
  • Immediate Contextual Results
Product Innovation Strategy

Product Innovation Strategy

We create the most promising paths to success using:

  • Clearly defined success criteria
  • Actionable consumer insights tools
  • Consumer shop-alongs
  • Manufacturing analysis
  • Relevant technology searches
  • Sales/ Retailer strategy interviews
  • Semiotics audits and strategy
  • Integration w/ overall brand strategy
Consumer N-Gage

Consumer N-Gage

Integrated consumer ideation results in exciting product opportunities faster:

  • Consumer-Engaged Innovation
  • Real-Time Concept Translation
  • Interactive Concept Qualification
  • Accelerated Development Cycle
Form Fusion

Form Fusion

We convert Brand Architecture into tangible 3D form language and use it to develop design solutions.

MFG Support

MFG Support

Breakthrough products result from staying the course and getting details right:

  • We guide clients/vendors to navigate through implementation challenges.
  • Active liaison ensures seamless translation of design intent into mfg.
Technical Workshop

Technical Workshop

Technical workshops feed development of stronger designs:

  • Client R&D, mfg. and vendor teams enrich design development in real-time.
  • Reality check ensures actionable designs that deliver on consumer promise